Shared bedroom makeover for a boy and girl

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent eight months of last year living in a caravan, which was great fun but very cosy.  When we finally moved into a house in mid August, my two youngest, Conor (3) and Selene (18 months) went into a bedroom together.

We are strong believers in the benefits of co-sleeping, and in the caravan the kids slept in our bed as often as theirs, but it was really squashy!!
So it seemed natural to put them in together. Plus the house only has three bedrooms!

I wanted to make their room really special and have been looking around Pinterest for over 12 months for inspiration.(you can find my inspirations and follow me by clicking the link)

I finally got my little kids’ room the way I wanted this weekend! I chose a garden theme because Conor has always had a thing for butterflies and I figure we can always lean more towards creepy crawlies if needed as he gets older. I am really happy with the kids quilts which I bought at a local fair – just shows what you can do when you visualise stuff. I was really lucky to have an amazing friend who gave us  all the great IKEA cast offs which allowed us to fit two kids into a tiny room.

IMG_3660The beds are IKEA extendable beds (in their shortest form), you add mattress pieces as you extend bed and they are actually quite comfortable.  I got the wall art from ebay and it was quite cheap. It also has the added bonus of being removable which is great for renters like us!

IMG_3662 Perspective is a little off in this photo as I took it in mirror to try and get everything in…but I am really excited to get my rocking chair in as it is just perfect for stories and bedtime cuddles.


Trofast storage drawers are perfect for storing the kids clothes, especially for Conor who has his in the lower unit, as he can access himself.  The blue drawer at the bottom also makes a perfect dirty clothes basket!  They also free up the built-in cupboards for additional storage, which is a bonus.


Selene’s quilt


Conor’s quilt

All in all I happy pretty happy.

Please comment and share your successful makeovers for kids rooms.  Feel free to add a link to your blog if you have one.






  1. Louisa

    Hello, which IKEA bed is that in the picture?

    • Hi These were an extendable bed, but are no longer available. The closest available now is the SUNDVIK or TROGEN. Hope that helps

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