Back for 2014 and ready to realise my goals!


Phew! It has been a long time since I blogged, over 12 months in fact. 2013 was a challenging year for us.  We had made the decision to move to a rural location on an isolated property and the start of the year saw us living in a small caravan (with the 4 kids) as we waited for accommodation to become available.  We were hugely excited about the possibility of sustainable living.

Eight months later, after a lot of rain, mud, mud, mud and gale force winds, we moved into town and I returned to work as a teacher (at a new school), while my husband stayed home with the kids, made products for our small business (Blue Moon Dreaming) and worked evening shifts. I also had to deal with my eldest son  staying in the city, after his father changed his mind about allowing him to move with us. He was 11 and has always lived with me. He now lives with his father, which has taken some getting used to!

Suffice to say I have not felt like blogging!!

It has been a while coming but I feel like our lives are back on track – we are madly saving to buy a place with an established house, I have a handle on the job and am looking forward to teaching Year 1/2 in February, my stepson has settled in well to the local highschool and my son seems to be coping well with the change to living arrangements.

I am really excited about the year to come and stumbled upon this great workbook just in time for making all my New Years Resolutions a reality.

I decided 2014 is the year I AM going to be on top of my life (there is a lot going on on lots of levels)!! Forget resolutions (they never last!) I found this great work book on-line – it is affordable & has lots of beautiful images & has really helped me focus! Check it out here and create an incredible 2014 with  Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life & Biz Workbooks

What are you doing to make sure you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions?




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