Lifestyle change! A move from city to country.

View from our bedroom window

We have made a really exciting decision for our family – we have left the city and moved to the country! Why you may ask? Well for us the cost of living has just got too high…with four kids, it looked like we would never be able to have the lifestyle we wanted with rents going up & up.  Also too, a rented property really limits what you can do to be sustainable as everything needs to be temporary.

We have been here for 3 months and it has really been an adventure! We are currently in temporary accommodation while we wait for a second house to be built on the property and to say this has been challenging is an understatement!  The end is in sight however…and I am just hoping we are able to move into our permanent housing before winter.  We have had a few rainy, cold days so far, which have proved really challenging with two toddlers under three, resulting in rather more TV time than I would usually endorse – but you do what you have to.

It has been exciting though to be able to begin taking small steps towards sustainable living.  Johan has been nurturing lots of seedlings and planted up vegie/herb patches.  Thanks to careful watering over the hot days of summer we were able to begin harvesting our first crops of spinach and have some tomatoes ready for picking soon.

We are also looking at beginning a Square Foot Garden.


The exciting thing about this method of gardening is that there is no digging involved, it is low maintenance, high yielding and possible for anyone to do.

square foot garden

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this gardening method. Did it work for you? Why? Why not?




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