Our home made Advent calendar and other stuff…

OMG How did it get to 1st of December and I missed a month of posting? Life just gets so busy this time of year.  In our house it is total chaos as only a house with 4 kids can be….

We are busy getting ready for a big move & lifestyle change, moving to the country, 4 1/2 hours drive from where we live now. IMG_3437 I am madly trying to pack while supervising two little ones who NEVER sleep at the same time.  My youngest Selene is now crawling and pulling up on everything, which is great fun in a house full of packing boxes. On the plus side I am sure she is getting lots of stimulation from her constantly changing environment – the trick being to keep her safe, as Darling Son 3 broke the playpen by climbing on it as though it was a ladder 😦

leeuwinMy eldest is graduating from primary school, which is a big deal here.  They have a special ceremony and dinner, and other special activities which make the next few weeks a busy time.  Add to that, silly me volunteered to chair the Parent Committee for the Graduation (what was I thinking) so it’s busy, busy, busy! And yesterday Johan and I went with Caelan & his class on the STS Leeuwin and got very seasick in rough seas, but it was still fun.

And then there is all the joy of moving…boxes to pack of course, organising truck and getting permission from Darling Son 2’s dad for him to actually move with us…which is proving a little problematic!!  With only 18 days til the lease is up, to say we are panicking would be an understatement.

So yesterday I look at the calendar and realise that November is gone! Panic!!! The Christmas tree is packed long ago, and I don’t want the drama of trying to move a decorated one.  We will be staying in a caravan for a time, so the big one is out anyway.  I usually love Christmas and decorate everything in sight. I have always done Advent Calendars with my kids and wanted this year to be no exception…so here is what I have come up with…with a little help from my eldest son.  The big boys also have really nice ones from a card party I went to.

advent calendars

Here is the one we made….

our advent calendar

We made pockets from Christmas paper. I also included a note for each day (this is for the big boys) with lots of fun activities and a small treat for Conor (aged 2) – a challenge this year,  since we no longer eat food containing sugar!!  What do you put in your kids Advent calendars?



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