Our No Sugar Challenge – 16 weeks later!

16 weeks in to the no sugar challenge and we have made real lifestyle changes.  The bigger kids still whinge & moan, but they probably would whatever we did!  Johan and I have both noticed some big weight losses – 8 kg for him and a whopping 17 kg for me – way to lose baby weight!  I am not sure if the breastfeeding helps…but I certainly didn’t lose much through breastfeeding with my other two children.

The nice part is I am fitting into clothes I haven’t worn since before I had my eldest son 11 years ago, so that is a big plus for me.

It hasn’t been easy and I have definitely had times where I really wanted food with sugar in (particularly when menstruating),  but remembering how much I have lost weight wise has been a big motivator.  A few times when I have actually broken and eaten sugar-rich foods, it tasted dreadful. This was particularly disappointing when it came to ice-cream – a huge weakness of mine in the past.   I have learned to make a great substitute using dextrose & when you make it yourself you don’t eat it as often because it takes a while to make 🙂

Another interesting thing has been in starting my little one on solid foods…she has not been so keen on the sweeter foods like banana and apple, which my other two loved.
Overall it has been a huge success for our family and a chang we will stick to….I even ignored the dessert at a family barbecue last night & didn’t feel deprived.

Please let me know if your family are trying the challenge too, as it is great to hear how other people are coping.


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  1. malcolm

    Well done with the weight loss and being sugar free. I cut sugar after reading David Gillespies ‘Sweet Poison’ and so far have lost 15kg in 10 months. Nice to see others doing so well.

  2. Aimee Lechmere

    Hi there,
    I am researching how to do a sugar detox for my husband and myself. I finding overwhelming because it seems everything, even seemingly organic wholistic foods have sugar. Is there a particular reference or plan you used as a guide to get started?

    Would love to learn more,
    thank you for your time!

    • HI Aimee, it can be really confusing that’s for sure. I followed the Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie. He has a website which is updated frequently and provides a great support – http://www.howmuchsugar.com/ It is really worth doing and has changed our lives…I have now lost around 22-25 kg and dropped 3 dress sizes, and am back at my BMI weight – first time in 3 kids over 11 years 🙂

  3. Just found your blog and so glad I did. I am 3 weeks into being Sugar-free, and feeling much better. I’m losing the weight too. You have done so well adapting the whole family to the challenge. So impressed! I definitely want to do this for my family.

  4. >>> I have now lost around 22-25 kg and dropped 3 dress sizes

    Wow. That is wonderful, and a great achievement.
    Quitting sugar is hard; I have tried for 5 years to do so. I managed to reduce a lot, yet it’s only been 2013 wherein I’ve been able to pretty much cut it out.
    Honestly, I don’t know if I could have done it while raising 4 kids. Truly, that is an impressive achievement. I think your kids will all be grateful to you for it later in life, by the way. It’s a healthy decision you have made for them, both physically and mentally.
    Congratulations, madam, and also, My admiration!

  5. Hi Larissa

    I have also got 4 kids (my youngest is nearly 4 months old).

    We’ve been sugar-free for 4 weeks after I read Sweet Poison and Sarah Wilson’s books. So far everyone (including sugar-holic 8 yr old) is happy and impressed by the substitute recipes especially the Jaffa cookies 🙂 I need to buy a decent ice-cream maker though…

    Hubby is all for it and has even stopped having sugar in his cuppa.

    The hardest part for the kids is the teachers rewarding them with lollies and fellow students bringing lollies/muesli bars/fruit roll-ups/chocolate milk to school or having parties and lolly bags.

    I’m hoping that educating the kids as to the better choice will help them make better decisions before they consume sugary foods. We have an uncle who has just had both legs amputated and is blind from Type 2 diabetes – purely due to poor eating habits, so I’m hoping his tragic story will help them understand consequences of overdoing sugar.

    Speaking personally, I have lost a few kilos and my moods and energy levels are better since getting off sugar. I am an all or nothing type of person and went cold turkey. Before that it was easy for me to consume an entire packet of biscuits or lolly snakes or a whole bar of chocolate in a sitting. Now the thought makes me feel a bit ill.

    We actually have a huge tower of home-baked treats that a gorgeous friend dropped to us as a Christmas gift, and a massive chocolate with glace cherries and mock cream that none of us wants to eat – even the kids and hubby’s work mates think the cake is too sweet! Time to re-gift the home-baked goodies and bin the cake I reckon…

    I’ll miss White Christmas and Rum Balls this year, but have bought Sarah Wilson’s Christmas cookbook – the Coconut Ice is awesome (the kids ate a whole batch in a couple of days) and the gingerbread and sugar-free Christmas cake are sublime.

    Best of luck in your continuing sugar-free journey! I’m sure we’ll all be much better off in the long run 🙂

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