20 Day Challenge to clean your home….progress from Day 1

I knew this would be hard but I had no idea how difficult it would be.  I had high hopes…I had done all the pre-challenge stuff…I was ready.

But I started late 😦 They were on Day 20 and I was still struggling to complete Day 1, but I guess it’s small steps so I started with our IKEA Expedit shelves and emptied baskets and removed clutter. I was really inspired by the organised housewife’s photo of her toy cupboard.

But life got in the way…in the form of a gorgeous 7 month old who despite starting solids has missed the memo re needing to nurse less, and continues to sleep very little.  We also had many visits to the Family Court….which proved extremely time-consuming.

And now we are moving 4 1/2 hours south in less than 10 weeks time….so all my careful decluttering has been overshadowed by a need to pack boxes.  Hmmm! Maybe this is my big chance to chuck stuff out!!!!

I hope you manage better than I did…..now I am off to find me a blog about packing up to move lol 🙂


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