20 Days to organise and clean my home…is that even possible?

Cleaning…I hate it!!!! Before I had four kids and a husband who grew up with servants (yes he really did!!) I hated it but I could stay on top of it.  True, Kieran and I lived in a small two bedroom and I worked so the house stayed tidier, but it was manageable.

Now my place is 100% out of control…the kids leave stuff everywhere, we are always tripping over toys and baby stuff, and my gorgeous husband who, it must be said has many admirable qualities, leaves dirty coffee cups and socks in all manner of odd locations!! So when I found The Organised House Wife and her 20 Day Challenge to Organise and Clean my Home I was intrigued.

I am starting the challenge tomorrow and will post my progress here.

If you would like to join me please click the link below


The Organised Housewife

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