Father’s Day…what if they don’t deserve to be a dad?

I think Father’s Day is a great time to reflect on the impact of a father on a child’s life. Today the media will tell us about lots of dads who do a terrific job, but I think it’s also a time to think about those who don’t.

What about the abusers…the ones who tear down their child’s self esteem, for whom nothing will ever be good enough, who are constantly trying to discredit their child’s mother, to hurt her, to make her & by extension her child’s life hell. Do these men stop and think about the effect this has on their children and most importantly their sons? I think not.

SO I have chosen this weekend to stop my son’s access weekends with his father and end the abuse. In my opinion he had 10 years to get his act together and work at being a good father, but he wasted that chance. So I say enough is enough and I am taking a stand so that MY son has a chance to BE a GOOD father to his kids.
Please share this post if you agree with me or if you know other mothers who need to take a stand for their kids xx
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  1. Maddi

    Hi Larissa. I too chose to make a stand Fathers day just gone… My sons grandmother emailed me and reminded me to call her son on fathers day so that he could talk to my son… And I chose not to. He has every day of the year to decide to pick up the phone and speak to his 3 year old and he doesn’t. So why should my son speak to him? Why should I make the effort on his behalf? So that’s it. Not doing it. I hope it sent a message, however I think thats a little too subtle for them. We will see if theres any fall out. Best of luck to you

    • Hi Maddi. I am glad you are standing up for your son. How confusing for a 3 year old to be expected to talk to someone he never hears from. Good Luck to you too 🙂

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