Licensed Kindermusik Educator – finally – Woohoo!

Great news – this week I completed the teaching section of my Kindermusik course and I am now officially a Licensed Kindermusik Educator!  I will commencing teaching the Family Time curriculum next week for a local business owner.  I find I am really excited, even though I have been a Kindergarten teacher for over 15 years.

So what is Kindermusik I hear you ask?

Kindermusik is an interactive, adult-participatory, “whole child” development program that uses music and body movement classes and a carefully crafted At-Home Materials Kit to build a strong foundation in the six core areas of early learning: cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and musical.

In Kindermusik classes, licensed educators lead parents or caregivers and their children through joyful, carefully designed, one-on-one activities, using music and movement tailored to each child’s developmental level. Through weekly class activities you can see your child progress in music learning, problem solving, self-esteem, imagination, socialization, language, and the delight of learning.

Each class involves parent-child interaction while singing, dancing, playing instruments, listening attentively, and reading literature at the appropriate level.

It is quite exciting to begin teaching it as each course is research based to provide really great educational outcomes for both parents and children. The best part for me is that it is just FUN! Check out my Facebook page – Kindermusik with Larissa for great links about children’s music.

I hope you had a great week….



You can also find classes near you @


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