5 things I find hard about quitting my sugar addiction

Mostly we are going ok with giving up sugar, but as we enter Week #3 there are some things i just miss!

  1. Using dried fruit in cooking – I had got used to adding to the kids’ school snacks for added fibre
  2. Giving up Chai Lattes – In an effort to avoid caffeine I tend to drink Chai when I am out and about, and quite like the sachet ones you get from shops…but these are now off the menu 😦  And the worst part is I ordered one the other day at Yahava Koffee in the Swan Valley the other day and it tasted horrible because it was too sweet!
  3. Sugar on porridge – guess I am just waiting for taste buds to adjust there.
  4. Bought ice cream – we have made some great homemade ice cream (and the chocolate one I adapted from the Thermomix Every Day Cookbook was to die for) but it’s not quite the same as buying from ice cream shop.
  5. Juice – I don’t even drink juice often, but find myself craving it as I go past that section in supermarket.

What do you miss & how have you changed your habits…please add your comments below.





  1. Larissa,

    I couldn’t eat oatmeal without sugar, so when we first introduced oatmeal to my now-toddler aged son, we gave it with fruit instead of oatmeal. I seriously didn’t want him down the path of sugar addict as I am!

    I used to have to put 3 tablespoons of sugar in my oatmeal. I cut back by gradually lessening. It really helped train me to like food with a whole lot less of sugar. Now I’m down to about 2 teaspoons, but I sometimes cheat and eyeball πŸ˜‰

    • I know what you mean Nina…I still can’t do the oats on its own thing, but thinly sliced banana is starting to taste better and better as my taste buds adjust. πŸ™‚

  2. can’t you just put other stuff in oatmeal? I am cutting down on sugar too, but I love oatmeal and wouldn’t stop eating it. I put in all sorts of things – fruit (are you eating fruit?), nuts, peanut butter, spices, carrot… anything I can think of. Ok a lot of toppings contain sugar (dried fruit, honey, jam) but there are still loads of other things you can put in. Savoury porridge is possible too – with eggs and veg and all sorts of weird stuff. personally I couldn’t handle it, but it could be worth a try.

    • Thanks for your comment…now, a few weeks after posting, we have come to that conclusion too!…and I have to say peanut butter is a definite winner with me, am going to try the kids on adding malt πŸ™‚

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