Conor is two today!

It continues to amaze me how quickly children grow up.  I can hardly believe… that the little baby who spent his first days in a humidicrib being monitored for breathing and heart rate is now two years old and into everything, that I spent three weeks in hospital after my waters broke waiting for it to be safe to induce him! Looking at him now, you’d never know he had a bilateral hernia operation at just 5 weeks old, although he has two tiny scars to prove it.  Just goes to show how resilient children are.

It was hard to know what to do for his birthday.  Of course his big brothers wanted a party, so we arranged for Grandma and Grandad, Auntie Karen and cousins,Sofia and Genevieve to come over for a birthday tea. I even did some very swift negotiations with Kieran’s dad to pick him up late for access weekend. And then we were going to go to the zoo yesterday…but we are all sick and little kids are contagious, so now we are back to birthday tea with mama, papa and big brothers.  I will be making birthday cake in shape of castle – Johan’s idea, of course now that time is upon us to actually make it, Johan is sleeping off his night shift – lol! We will also have fairy bread and homemade sausage rolls.

Quiet book from “Elisa Loves” blog

Presents were a tricky one for us…I wanted to go home-made, having been inspired by some great things I’d seen online.  I also feel that we are becoming very driven by material possessions and am looking at ways to change our family’s attitudes in this respect…and the toy box is already overflowing! Johan, however was inspired by the toy sales.  In the end we have compromised by buying only three presents – a toy broom/dust pan set, cash register, and a box of play food; instead of the ten Johan wanted to get. I have put off the home-made ideas until a week when we actually have time to make them and we are all healthy!  We will try for our zoo trip in another few weeks.

Blowing out his candles!….covered in spots head to toe…a birthday to remember!


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