Hello world!

I guess I should introduce myself….my name is Larissa  and I recently found myself in the enviable position of being a mother to four kids.  This is not so common in today’s world in   Australia, where 2 kids is more the norm.

So … why 4 kids you may ask.  For my husband, Johan and myself, it was an easy decision.  We had both been married before and had one child each.  We both wanted more kids and felt that to have one child on their own, after a large gap (our other children were 7&9 at the time) was unfair on that child.

What hasn’t been so easy are the changes we have had to make to our lifestyle to make our blended family work, and more importantly support ourselves financially.

In this blog I hope to share the challenges we face and the hopes and dreams we have for our children…Caelan – 12, Kieran – 10, Conor – not quite 2, and Selene – 10 weeks old!  Along the way I will share with you my tips for coping and links to great resources I have found useful.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.



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